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Drone insurance for hobbyists

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Drone insurance for hobbyists

Postby securityguy007 » Mon Dec 04, 2017 12:26 pm

New to the droning world and finding it quite cumbersome to get insurance for my drone. All the companies that I have found that do offer drone insurance only offer it to commercial entities with RPL qualified pilots. (Hollard, Santam, CCA, iToo,...)

Does anybody know of any insurer that offers drone coverage to amateurs / hobbyists such as myself? My drone is worth R35,000 and it seems ludicrous that I can't ensure it. I can insure a watercraft which is also a hobby for greater than that amount, and no licence is required, I can insure radio controlled cars which can cost more than my drone with no issues - but I can't ensure my drone ubnless I class myself as a commercial entity and jump through all the hoops...?

It doesn't make financial sense that I need to fork out between 20 and 30k for an RPL, just so I can get the drone insured.

Does anybody have any advice or suggestions for me?

Alternately could we start a petition here that we can present to some of the big insurers to ask them to consider creating a drone insurance product for amateurs / hobbyists. I think they may be missing an opportunity!
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Re: Drone insurance for hobbyists

Postby Swellprojo » Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:25 am

Hi maybe try Alexander Forbes.
They insured my R20,000 drone.Unfortuanately they do not cover once drone out of house or car.
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